Postponing Expload

This is very hard to write. With considerable regret, the Expload team has been forced to postpone the event. We have put our heart and soul into the idea of an event organised for and by the community of video creators and their fans for the last couple of years and the decision to delay Expload has not been taken lightly.

We have done everything possible to bring the event together for March 8th but a combination of circumstances have meant that it simply wasn’t possible to meet that date and put on the event the community deserved. As difficult as the decision to postpone the event is, the one thing we couldn’t bring ourselves to do is put on a sub-standard event that left a bad taste in people’s mouths. We want Expload to be the sort of event people talk about for years to come as one of the greatest experiences of their lives!

The support from everyone has been amazing, from the well know YouTubers who committed to come and interact with their fans to the local community who were so enthusiastic about sharing the day. We can’t express enough how sorry we are for the disappointment this postponement will cause, nobody feels it more keenly than us – this has been our lives for over a year.

We hope you can stick with us for this postponement. We have learned a lot through this process and there is no way we are giving up on the ideal of Expload being a community focused event. Corporate focused event have their place but for us Expload will always be about the community of creators and fans.

We will continue to communicate with this community that is so passionate about independently created videos and when the time is right and everything is in place we are going to Expload together!


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